Platinum Pipeline, Inc. is a General Engineering Contractor located in Livermore, CA who specializes in the construction of underground pipeline systems. We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of safety, efficiency, and customer service in the industry.
With our exceptional commitment to safety, we have earned the lowest possible experience modification rating, which is currently
73%. Platinum has never had a lost-time accident since its inception. We have never finished a project behind schedule, in fact, most projects are completed well ahead of schedule. The majority of our customers are return clients who welcome us with open arms.

One of our philosophies at Platinum Pipeline is: “life is long, we’ll meet again”. This means that we know we are in a small, specialized industry and we will see the various people who we have worked with on past projects again on future projects. Whether that person is in a different position within the same company, at a different company, or still in the industry but working in a different capacity, we want them to recognize and remember Platinum Pipeline and our employees as the company and people who they know they can trust to get the job done with the highest levels of safety, efficiency, and customer service. Those individuals will know from past experience with us that they can now focus on the other aspects of their project because they know Platinum Pipeline requires very little management and they can count on us.