Platinum Pipeline, Inc. was founded in 2006 by brother and sister, Manuel de Freitas and Lisa Sundberg. Prior to starting Platinum Pipeline, Lisa and Manuel gained valuable experience in the Pipeline industry while working for their father, Manuel M. de Freitas, at MJB Pipeline which was founded and highly successfully managed by their father for over 35 years. Manuel and Lisa worked closely with their father on a daily basis while at MJB. He taught them the valuable lessons in the pipeline industry that only a father could provide. Among many other things, he taught them that hard work and dedication, respect for others, relationship building, and the will to always find a way to get the job done while providing the best customer service in the industry, will lead to future success. It turns out that Manuel Sr. was right… Platinum Pipeline started in the heart of the great recession and flourished through it while others that had been in the industry for decades were closing their doors. Manuel and Lisa continue to carry the passion for the pipeline industry from their father to Platinum Pipeline.

Platinum Pipeline won its first contract in 2007 – a $130,000 Community Center project in Dublin, CA as a subcontractor. Shortly thereafter, they won their first contract as a General Contractor with the Town of Novato. This was a $175,000 contract that was scheduled to take 45 days to construct. While working closely with the Town and its project manager through great coordination, the project was completed in less than one week. Needless to say, the residents who lived on that street and the City officials were extremely pleased. It was in 2008 when Platinum Pipeline began to take shape. With his longtime friend and fellow hard worker Keith Romick by his side, Manuel and Keith constructed a $750,000 project at Chabot Community College, nearly by themselves. Shortly thereafter, Manuel and Lisa hired a very experienced and talented estimator, Larry Fillmore, who has helped take Platinum Pipeline to the next level. Larry has continued to bid jobs successfully while maintaining excellent customer relationships. He provides superior knowledge and experience, having estimated in the pipeline industry for over 30 years. It was also in 2008 when Platinum hired its very experienced and dedicated workforce. These men are the unsung heroes of the Platinum Pipeline team. It is their hard work and dedication in the extreme climates that provides Platinum with quality workmanship.

In 2009, Larry won Platinum its first one-million-dollar contract with OC Jones and Sons at the Port of Richmond, along with several others.

Platinum Pipeline was awarded one of its largest projected in 2011 as a subcontractor by Top Grade Construction at the Staples Ranch Project in Pleasanton for $4.5 million dollars. With close coordination with Top Grade, Platinum Pipeline was able to complete the anticipated six-month installation of all underground pipeline systems on the project in under four months. This precise coordination and cooperation, combined with the knowledge and experience of the Platinum team, enabled Top Grade to pave the project ahead of schedule and complete prior to the winter months. This ultimately allowed the Owner to construct their buildings through winter utilizing the all-weather roads.

Since the completion of the Staples Ranch project, Platinum Pipeline has continued to win multi-million-dollar contracts with various local public agencies and general contractors. As the workload increases, Platinum Pipeline continues to be proactive with its highest level of customer service. In 2015, Jeff Stover was hired as the Director of Business Development and Estimator. He brings years of experience, having worked for one of the largest general contractors in the area for over a decade and managing projects of up to $40 million dollars. Jeff is a perfect fit at Platinum Pipeline as a talented manager with great communication skills and a passion for customer service.

Since its inception in 2006, Platinum Pipeline has continued to provide the highest level of efficiency and customer service in the industry, enabling us to build strong relationships and withstand the worst recession in American history.