Quality Pipeline Services

Platinum Pipeline provides the highest quality of underground pipeline services available. We are specialists in our field who have the knowledge and experience to assist you or your firm with any pipeline solutions required.

Services Include:

>Private Works – Residential Pipeline Systems

  • We specialize in the installation of mass underground pipeline systems for new subdivisions.
  • We are also well equipped to repair or replace any existing pipeline in your neighborhood.

>Private Works – Commercial Pipeline Systems<

  • We have installed thousands of feet of pipeline systems for commercial developments, including stormwater clarification and fire protection systems. We work closely with our design engineer to develop an underground fire system package that can be submitted to the fire department for quick review and approval. Our extensive experience with containing or clarifying stormwater runoff is a major advantage of selecting us as your pipeline system installer.
  • Due to our extensive experience, we understand how a commercial site can become extremely crowded with multiple trades. Because of this foresight, we can coordinate with you and your subcontractors to ensure all trades continue to work efficiently.

>Public Works

  • Platinum Pipeline has successfully completed millions of dollars in Public Works projects with various local agencies. These projects range from large sewer replacements, water main and service replacements through highly populated neighborhoods, and new water transmission mains, to road widening projects, culvert extensions, flood control channel modifications, and concrete structure construction.