Our strategy at Platinum Pipeline is multifaceted:

1. Maintain the highest level of commitment to safety
Undeniably, we are in an industry where accidents can happen. Our low experience modification rate and safety history with no lost time accidents speak for themselves. We highly value the safety record that our employees help to protect every day, and it’s a way of life at Platinum Pipeline.

2. Build a solid reputation through excellent customer service and strong relationships
One of the keys that has kept Platinum Pipeline successful through the great recession is the ability to build strong relationships with its customers and extended business partners. As a newer company starting out, potential customers had to solely base their contracting decisions on our reputation. By providing the highest level of customer service and partnering with our clients, we have developed an unmatched reputation of the highest standard in our industry

3. Get the job done!
If you’re looking for a contractor to beat the tightest of schedules on your project, you have now found them. Our company is one of a dying breed in the industry. We pride ourselves on getting the job done faster than any of our competitors without sacrificing the highest levels of safety and customer satisfaction. We understand that time is money… for all parties involved. The quicker we can get in, get out, and get you on your way to building the remainder of your project, the quicker we have met our goal of another satisfied customer.

4. Life is long… we’ll meet again
This means that we know we are in a small, specialized industry and we will see again the various people who we have worked with on past projects on future projects. Whether that person is in a different position within the same organization, at a different organization, or still in the industry in a different capacity, we want them to recognize and remember Platinum Pipeline and our employees as the company and people who they know and trust to get the job done with the highest levels of safety, efficiency, and customer service. Those individuals will know from past experience with us that they can now focus on the many other aspects of their project because they have comfort in knowing that Platinum Pipeline works independently, resourcefully, and without oversight.