Keith Romick: Field Operations Manager

Keith is an integral part of Platinum Pipeline. He started with Lisa in 1986 and has been a man of the highest character since. Keith always looked out for Lisa and her trucks while working for Lisa Dee Corporation. In 1993, during a major slowdown in the industry, Keith bought his own water truck and went to work as an owner/operator. He continued to work for Manuel and Lisa’s father at MJB Pipeline as an owner/operator, being one of the most dedicated employees in MJB’s 33 years of business.

While Manuel would work during school breaks, it was always Keith showing Manuel the intricacies of the industry; teaching him about everything from backfill/compaction including proper moisture content, how to run a dozer and compactor, how to work on the equipment, to how to properly discuss issues with inspectors.

In 2002, Keith became a fulltime member of Manuel’s pipeline crew at MJB. He continued to be an important mentor and wealth of knowledge and training. Together, they built some of MJB’s largest, most difficult, and most profitable projects while maintaining a safe and enjoyable atmosphere that customers admired.

When Lisa and Manuel decided to open Platinum Pipeline, Keith was the first person to step forward and go “all-in.” Little did he know what he was in for! In 2008, Keith and Manuel built a $750,000 project, with literally just the two of themselves. They also built a small project in Hayward where they excavated across a busy city street to install a storm drain pipe. Lucky for them, Keith’s brother showed up to flag traffic, and Manuel’s dad stopped by in the nick of time to help them out of the street. Needless to say, Keith was very pleased that sunny day in 2008 when an entire crew showed up to work!

Keith is the Field Operations Manager at Platinum Pipeline. With their long work history together, Keith knows exactly how Manuel and Lisa expect their crews to perform. He ensures that the field operations are operating efficiently, professionally, and safely on a daily basis.

Keith’s favorite pastimes are spending time with his lovely wife and daughter. His longtime passion of cattle ranching is evident by the cowboy hat you’ll see on his dashboard.