Larry Fillmore: Chief Estimator

Larry was born and raised in Utah. He moved to California in 1987. Larry is married to his lovely wife, Leslee with whom he has raised 6 children and has been blessed with 16 grandchildren. Before becoming an estimator in the pipeline industry, Larry graduated from Brigham Young University as a Civil Engineer. He was also a land surveyor for the State of Utah. He began his estimating career in 1972.

Larry began working at MJB Pipeline in 1996, which is where he met Lisa and Manuel. The three of them quickly formed a bond while working together on several projects. When Manuel became a full-time foreman in 2000, he and Larry worked side by side on several projects. This is where the bond that works so well today at Platinum Pipeline was developed. During the great recession, MJB Pipeline slowed operations before ultimately closing down and Larry was laid off.

Luckily for Platinum Pipeline, Larry answered the phone call from Manuel and came to work at Platinum in 2008. Their previous history of working together on numerous projects led to quick success. With Larry already intimately aware of how Manuel runs the field, and Manuel with the same knowledge of how Larry bids the jobs, there was virtually no lag time in familiarizing themselves with each other. It was a plug and play setup that yielded results.

Larry is the Chief Estimator at Platinum Pipeline and oversees all bidding. He prides himself on accurate and reliable bids that Owners can count on to avoid confusion. His extensive experience is evident in the bid process as he quickly identifies and clarifies any irregularities or gray areas with the bid documents. Larry also works well with customers on value engineering their project to help them lower construction costs while maintaining the highest quality product.

Larry’s favorite pastime is golfing… anywhere, anytime. He is also often heard around the office telling everybody how much fun he is having at Platinum Pipeline.