Scott E.A. Smith: Vice President – Operations

Scott boasts 13 years in the construction industry, consistently estimating and managing construction projects throughout the United States. Scott graduated from California State University in Chico with a Bachelor of Science degree in finance. His professional experience includes positions as Project Engineer, Project Manager, and Senior Project Manager.

As Director of Business Development for Platinum Pipeline, Scott brings trust through industry expertise and value through doing what is right, not what is easy. He has maintained his PMP certification since 2014 and believes strong project management and teamwork will make any size project a success.

Scott is a great fit for Team Platinum for countless reasons. His work philosophy and work ethic, his expansive knowledge and resourcefulness, to name a few. Consistently going above and beyond, Scott gives his best and exemplary effort and is successful in understanding clients’ needs and providing incredible service to them.

When away from the job, Scott enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife Jessica and their growing family.